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Pets / December 15, 2016

An interview with the winner of The Sentinel-Record’s 2016 Cutest Pets Contest

From Oct. 12-25, our readers submitted photos of their pets, vying for a prize and the title of “cutest pet.” All of the pets were voted on by the community and the winner was chosen, Benson the two-year-old Labradoodle. His owner, Christie Glover, and her family have had Benson since November 2014. The family consists of Christie and husband, Patrick, and their two children, her-pets-15Maggie, 18, who attends Arkansas Tech University and Ellie, 14, a freshman at Lake Hamilton Junior High.

How did Benson become a part of your family?

Christie Glover: We have always been a Lab family. We lost our lab, Clifford, of 11 years, in August of 2014. We knew we wanted another dog soon because we have never been without a dog in our family. We had talked about a Labradoodle because they don’t shed. I happened to look online and found some Labradoodle puppies in Little Rock that were ready to be adopted. My husband, Patrick, was working out of town so when he landed in Little Rock, he went to look at the puppies. I had told him I wanted the only male of the litter that was left. Several hours later, he showed up at my work and called me to meet him at the car. Boy, was I surprised when I looked in the floor of the car to find not one, but two puppies. There was one female left and he just couldn’t leave her behind! I wasn’t happy. But I soon discovered it was the best decision ever. They had playmates 24/7 and kept each other entertained.

How did he get his name?
CG: We have two daughters and they each immediately claimed one as their own. Our oldest daughter, Maggie, named him Benson because she is a huge fan of “Law and Order.” One of the main characters on the show is named Olivia Benson. Our youngest daughter, Ellie, named the female Daisie.

What kind of personality does Benson have?
CG: Benson has a very funny personality. I would compare him to the “class clown” in school. He knows when he does wrong and pushes the limit but then gives you a look of “please forgive me.” He is very playful and loves to run around chasing squirrels, rabbits and deer. He is also very loyal and loves to be wherever his family is.

What does he like to do?
CG: We spend a lot of our time in the summer on Lake Ouachita. Benson loves to ride on the boat. His favorite thing to do when we dock the boat on an island is to dive for rocks. If you throw a rock a few feet from shore, Benson will pounce in the water and dive under and not surface until he finds the rock. He will do this for hours! We eventually have to tell our friends to stop throwing rocks because he will stand in the water all day long waiting for the next rock to be thrown.

What is his exercise routine?
CG: Benson’s exercise routine is running in the pasture and exploring. He chases all kinds of wild animals. He likes the thought of chasing after them but soon turns to run to us. He doesn’t like his family being out of sight.

Is he an indoor or outdoor dog?
CG: Benson is both indoor and outdoors. He comes inside when it is storming and during cold weather. He pretty much has the run of the place!

Does he have a favorite toy?
CG: His new favorite toy is probably the kitten we got a few months ago. They have become big buds and they play together all the time.

Does he have any bad habits?
CG: I wouldn’t say Benson really has any bad habits. He does like to run in the tall grass and comes back with burrs stuck all in his hair and beard.

Has he ever been on a road trip with the family? How did he do?
CG: Benson traveled with us to a weekend volleyball tournament in Fayetteville where he stayed in his first hotel. He did great on the trip and loved the hotel life. He has also traveled with us to visit family in Russellville.

Interview conducted by Lindsey Wells | Photos submitted by Christie Glover

Lindsey Wells

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