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Health & Fitness / September 11, 2017

Stone offers one-stop shop for making dreams reality

Forever Beautiful, owned by Rita Stone, is a one-stop shop for everything including permanent makeup, micro-blading, skincare and laser treatments.

Some women dream of being able to roll out of bed in the morning with their faces already made up or looking years younger. Rita can make those dreams a reality.

A lot of her customers know her from her former spa, Strokes of Beauty, which she opened in 2002 before selling it to her son. After selling the spa she opened a school called Always Beautiful where she taught permanent cosmetics. After her teaching days, she opened Forever Beautiful, for a total of 16 years in the business. Rita said the idea to get into the permanent cosmetic business emerged in 2001 after her mother came back from a trip to Europe raving about the permanent cosmetics there.

“I checked into it and saw the effects, before and after, and absolutely loved it,” she said.

According to Rita, there are two methods that can be used to apply permanent cosmetics: one is done using ink, like a tattoo, and one is done using natural pigments, which is the method she uses, as it looks more natural.HER HEALTH

Rita numbs the area of the face where the procedure will take place and uses a needle to insert pigments matching the individual’s skin tone to permanently apply lip liner or color, eyebrows, or eyeliner.

Rita said the pigments do fade over time. When her customers notice fading, she recommends they schedule a touch-up.

“People are different. Some people come once a year, and when I look at them, I think, ‘You don’t really need a touch-up,’ but they want one so I give it to them,” she said. “Some people I haven’t seen in seven years and it still looks good. Sometimes if they wait too long to where it’s almost gone, then they’ll need two touch-ups back to back. It’s expensive at first but you kind of get what you pay for — you still look good 24/7.”

Many women get permanent cosmetics for the convenience. Not having to purchase makeup regularly or spend time applying it every day sounds like a dream come true. For others, such as those with arthritis in their hands or imperfect vision, it makes life easier.

“You just look good 24/7. As we get older we lose the color and pigment in our face and we lose our lip shade. So that’s what’s neat about it; it’s not a tattoo, it doesn’t hurt. It makes women look ten years younger. What I hear from my customers is, ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,’” Rita said.

Other services offered at Forever Beautiful include injections, fillers, and laser treatments.

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to remove sun and age spots and brown blotches on the face, neck, chest, hands and body and lighten and reduce redness, rosacea, and dilated or broken blood vessels. It also helps to control flushing of the face and improves skin texture, stimulates collagen, improves pore size and changes the oiliness of the skin.

Rita also offers corrective procedures for those who had a procedure done somewhere else and were not pleased with the results.

She also does wrinkle treatments, which remove wrinkles from the skin, and different kinds of camouflaging procedures such as tattoos, stretch marks and white scars.

Rita also plans to open the Arkansas School of Permanent Cosmetics in August
and begin teaching again.

“It took seven months to get approved; you have to have an FBI check and go through all this stuff through the Board of Higher Education, and recently I got approved again and I’m just really looking forward to teaching other people what I have learned through so many customers,” she said.

During the week-long, 40-hour class, Rita said students learn everything from color, shades, design and application. In Arkansas, individuals are required to log 335 hours before they can get their license and begin working, which adds up to about six months, Rita said.

Call 767-2555 for more information about Forever Beautiful or Arkansas School of Permanent Cosmetics.

The Sentinel-Record/Mara Kuhn - Rita Stone, owner of Forever Beautiful, has her picture made on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

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