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Food / May 15, 2017

Unique TCBY store offers delicious ‘fro-yo’

TCBY, also known as The Country’s Best Yogurt, is back in Hot Springs with a bigger and better location after moving from the Cornerstone Shopping Center to its new location at 1340 Higdon Ferry Road. The new location is equipped with a drive-thru window and, according to store manager Cody Webb, is the only TCBY in Arkansas to sell Mrs. Fields Cookies.

“It’s unique — it’s the only one in Arkansas and it’s actually, from what corporate told us, it’s the only one in the nation that’s a TCBY/ Mrs. Fields co-brand that has a drive thru,” Webb added. “So that makes us very unique in that sense, because most of the Mrs. Fields stores are in malls and stuff like that.”

Webb and his family opened the first TCBY store in 2012 after being informed of a Facebook contest in which a Rogers man won a TCBY store.TCBY GRAND OPENING

“TCBY started here in Arkansas and we used to have one in Hot Springs about 15-16 years ago,” Webb said. “We don’t have any yogurt stores here around town and I was talking to my parents about it and we called corporate just to kind of see how everything was and what we’d have to do, and we just
kind of fell right into it.”

Webb is the son of Dr. Timothy Webb, an oncologist at Genesis Cancer Center. Webb said his father frequently sends patients over to TCBY to get a cup of yogurt for the health benefits.

“What kind of sets us apart — TCBY stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt, which, I’m biased, but it really is. Looking up the calorie content, fat content and all of that with other stores, we just blew them out of the water and we’re actually considered a ‘super fro-yo,’ which is a super frozen yogurt, and you have to meet certain qualifications for that,” Webb said.

What makes TCBY’s product so good, he added, is that, based on a 2,000-calorie diet and on a 4-ounce serving size, all of their yogurts, with the exception of sorbet, have a certain amount of protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, and they all have seven different kinds of live, active cultures of probiotics.

“Anyone going through treatment for cancer — it puts a hurting on your body. I worked at Genesis for a couple of years and you just see what these patients go through and it’s hard for them to eat, so a lot of people like a little healthy treat,” he said. “It goes down easier, it’s nice and cold so it helps on your throat and puts all this new live, active bacteria back into your body after chemo and radiation kind of kills a lot of that stuff.”

He said it also helps with cravings and appetite, helps fight infections, and is great for gastrointestinal issues.

“With all of those probiotics, instead of having to go buy pills, just get you a cup of yogurt,” he said.

TCBY Hot Springs also makes Mrs. Fields cookie cakes and offers catering services.

“We’ve done a lot of catering to Genesis and we did the Arkadelphia Relay for Life. We baked all these cookies and we hand-decorated them with different colors for the cancer ribbons,” Webb said. “We try to be as strongly community-based as possible. I’m sixth generation Hot Springs, so I’m all about giving back, so that’s what we try to do here.”

The yogurt shop is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m.

Lindsey Wells

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