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Style / November 15, 2016

Wrappin’. Stackin’. And a touch a fringe. The craze of chokers, stacked wood or stone bracelets, and fringe have taken over boutiques coming into the fall and winter seasons.


Continuing strong as top sellers in boutiques like Chantilly, chokers have

Chantilly Boutique

Chantilly Boutique

transitioned from the summer into the fall and winter months. Though the name incorporates the word “choke,” these neck wraps do not cut off or

make breathing hard.

With soft suede leather, these accessories are light and barely noticeable while wearing. They do clasp in the back to small chain links that allow any wearer to adjust to fit comfortably to their neck size. Some come as a

simple cord with a pearl or stone as a centerpiece. Others come as multiple strands connected together and layered, or braided into a wider, single-layered band.

To change up textures, check out the bejeweled or lace chokers. Any of these chokers can be paired up with a simple shirt or dress. If it’s multicolored beads, stick with a solid colored outfit. If it’s a solid color choker, pair it up with just about any type of outfit. These are so versatile, can be worn with most every outfit and don’t break the bank with prices ranging up to approximately $25.

Accessory stacking

Why just one? Why not many? Whether made of semiprecious stones,

Accessory Gallery

Accessory Gallery

wood or leather, women are moving from dawning just one accessory on their arm and neck to “movin’ on up” by layering three or more.

Varying textures, colors and beads, bracelets are typically stacked three to seven. Some of these are tied together with a small ribbon, which helps

with the price. Single bracelets, however, can wrack up the price quickly going for $10 or more while the already pre-stacked bracelets can go for $20 or so for three or more.

Pre-stacked bracelets do already provide you with bracelets that are
color coordinated and have varied patterns and bead types. Brands such as

Erimish at Chantilly stack five bracelets together to form a complete look. However, with single bracelets, the purchaser can customize their bracelet stack. They can pair up the bracelets with a thin watch, select bracelets all the same color or go completely crazy.

For a more natural looking stack, Accessory Gallery offers wood made jewelry from bracelets to necklaces. The wood is paired up with neutral colors. White accent beads provide a pop to these subtle, round beads and can be paired up with an edged wood necklace, connected by gold toned metal, and gold chandelier earrings.


That stringy stuff that most may think of as a ’70s fashion has since re-

Accessory Gallery

Accessory Gallery

emerged, but in accessory form. Fringe adds an extra dimension in a simplistic way. Simple soft leather handbags have been accented with varying lengths of fringe, typically long. Fringe adds a slight detailed look

that is subtle and attractive to the eye.

Leading into the winter months, lightweight kimonos, ponchos, vests and

scarves are lined with fringe. With woven clothing, fringe will typically be made of the same material the rest of the piece is. But, a knee-length vest from Accessory Gallery changes from a woven material into a smooth leather fringe at the bottom.

Fringe has also been manipulated into tassel type necklaces. The bulky tassel adds a softness, while the shiny metal adds a pop and contrast against solid blouses.

Keep in mind with fringe: it can get caught in stuff like zippers, tangled up in the washer and can tickle you depending on how it is worn. To prevent tangling, hand-wash any vest or kimono with fringe.

Story and photography by Colbie McCloud

Colbie McCloud

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