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For the Home / November 15, 2016

Kringle’s in the Park

A newly opened retail store on the northwest corner of Bathhouse Row ensures that the Spa City will never be short of holiday spirit, no matter what time of year.

Kringle’s in the Park, a storefront located at 118 Central Ave., prides itself on being filled to the brim with holiday items for purchase year-round. Such a festive holiday appearance both gives customers a bevy of items for

Kringle's in the Park owners Greg Mabry, left, and Shawn Mabry.

Kringle’s in the Park owners Greg Mabry, left, and Shawn Mabry.

purchase as well as a vibrant atmosphere for them to enjoy.

“We want it to be an experience as much as a business,” Greg Mabry, one of the store’s owners, said.

Kringle’s came into existence through store owners Greg and Shawn Mabry, a couple that was previously working as president and risk manager for a local staffing company. Greg Mabry, who grew up in the retail industry, said that he and his wife were looking for an opportunity to get into Garland County’s retail scene by bringing something original to the community.

The couple first began searching for opportunities to do retail in January of this year.

“I looked for a lot of opportunities around town, but we quit, came back and then started looking for local opportunities as to what would be something missing from Hot Springs that might be unique, and most particularly, in the downtown district,” Greg Mabry said.

Upon seeing the storefront, the Mabrys decided that the location would serve well as a year-round Christmas store and took over the rights to the storefront’s lease on Aug. 7. The couple immediately began transforming the room into a winter wonderland — they painted the room’s walls and reached out to more than 50 suppliers for merchandise. Greg Mabry said that their surplus of suppliers is how the two have been able to sell such a wide variety of merchandise.

Once they had gathered all of their merchandise and readied the room for customers, the Mabrys opened Kringle’s on Oct. 1. Today, one can walk into the store and witness an array of Christmas trees, ornaments and festive art pieces that bring on seasonal vibes no matter what time of year.

The business, which has been open for just over a month, has received widespread praise.

“In addition to the visitors of Hot Springs, the local community has been extremely supportive,” Greg Mabry said. “Our neighboring shops and the community, from the Village to Hot Springs — those who have come to the store have been extremely complimentary.”

Although Kringle’s will keep KRINGLES IN THE PARKa Christmas theme and sell such
items year-round, the store also plans to sell seasonal items for holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Sunday. The Mabrys also pointed out that many customers have already purchased gifts for occasions such as weddings and graduations.

“It’ll always look like Christmas, but it’ll have seasonal gifts,” Shawn Mabry said.

As Hot Springs moves into the holiday season, the Mabrys hope that business at Kringle’s will continue to increase as it already has from its time of opening.

“We’ve been very busy so far,” Greg Mabry said. “Each week has been progressively busier than the week of grand opening. I can only say that we can expect things to continuously increase from an activity standpoint leading up to Christmas.”

So far, the Mabrys are happy with how their business has been faring in Hot Springs.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the perspective of people that say, ‘We love your store,’” Greg Mabry said. “That’s kind of what we were shooting for. You don’t always wind up like that, but we were very fortunate that we get person after person who is very complimentary of the store. That has probably been the most rewarding so far.”

Kringle’s is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Story by Max Bryan | Photography by Richard Rasmussen

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