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Style / September 11, 2017

Custom beauty at downtown salon

When it comes to complementing one’s natural beauty, few things are more effective than makeup and a great haircut. With customization of those tools, they can become a mode of self-expression, or even a temporary piece of artwork.

In downtown Hot Springs, Plenty Mystic Beauty Studio and Gypsy Girl Cosmetics make the palette possibilities limitless, offering personalized beauty services including individualized makeup blends.

Owner Inge Rogers opened the business in 2010, after closing her belly dance school. She’d been involved with dance and theater her whole life, and had always HER Style Plenty Mysticdone makeup and makeovers for herself and fellow performers, so had honed her ability to mix colors and see the undertones of skin.

Those skills made her the perfect candidate to have a cosmetics business, where, as she said, “I can make any custom blend,” whether it be foundation, blush, concealer or eye shadow.

Walking into the space at 124 Central Ave., guests won’t be able to miss the rainbow of jars on the wall that contain all the color possibilities of a Pantone chart.

Rogers said she sees each face as a canvas. She specializes in helping with troubled skin, including acne or rosacea, along with issues of aging like wrinkles, crepey skin, drooping eyes and pore enlargement.

The products she carries are organic, gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Because of that quality, many who switch from drugstore brands to her lines actually experience improvement in the overall condition of their skin. For those with celiac disease, the gluten-free aspect can be of major importance, since the skin absorbs ingredients of whatever makeup is applied.

Along with matching tones and undertones in a foundation, Rogers can blend in additives to combat issues like oiliness or dry skin. She said as women age, they often find it impossible to get the right shade of foundation, because the undertones get more prominent as skin matures. But she has the patience and devotes the time to keep tweaking a formula until the often seen pesky two-tone makeup line between the face and neck disappears.

HER Style Plenty MysticThe makeup maven also does free reblending of name-brand products, whether they be a compact, blush or eye shadow, reformulating them to suit her guest. This can save someone from throwing away an expensive purchase because it doesn’t look quite right.

On the Plenty Mystic side, cosmetologist Tara “Taragami” Mitchell-Pike utilizes the custom blends to cater to the makeup dreams of guests with younger skin.

A graduate of Paul Mitchell schooling, she’s developed her own cut- ting-edge flair for both makeup and hair. She specializes in “out-of-the-box looks,” including creating, performing upkeep for, or undoing dreadlocks. For haircolor, services like ombre, sombre, balayage, vivid colors and color correction help her bring out the personality she sees in her guests.

She said some people, both men and women, come in not knowing what they want or how to achieve a look even if they have one in mind. Opportunities like those are what have always drawn her to the industry — “This fuels me. It unleashes my artistic creativity,” she said.

That creative skill set has enabled her to work for large productions, like doing hair and makeup for Little Rock Fashion Week and a Susan G. Komen foundation event. She also has the ability to work with wigs, giving them personal style by cutting them for the wearer.

Additional services on the cosmetology side include brow tinting, blow-outs, facials, waxing and “manscaping” needs like trimming nose hairs.

But the custom experience doesn’t stop there, as Rogers, Mitchell-Pike and cosmetologist Sarah Sanders perform their beauty magic for bridal parties, pinup looks, and model photo shoots. They can even shut down the salon to host a private event, from a girls night out to a bachelorette night, where guests can enjoy themselves at the makeup bar and receive personalized pampering, including tips to highlight the best of themselves.

Rogers said she and her crew have grown to feel like family, and their guests are extensions of that.

Appointments are recommended at least a week in advance, but the staff will happily book earlier when possible.

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except when closed for a private event.

To book a session with Rogers, call or text 501-623-9055. For Mitchell-Pike, contact 501-547-6203. For Sanders, the number is 501-620-0328.

Tara "Taragami" Mitchell-Pike, left, and owner Inge Rogers

Tara “Taragami” Mitchell-Pike, left, and owner Inge Rogers

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