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Style / August 15, 2016

With straps, straps and more straps, how is one able to find that perfect, cute, yet comfortable style of summer sandal to grace their feet? So many options can either provide cuteness with comfort or cuteness with toe-cringing pain. Finding that summer shoe that is a mixture of cute, comfort and pocket-friendly can be hard.

Thats So You Boutique

Thats So You Boutique

Birken’ it

• For the go-anywhere, casual cute shoe, one can be “Birken’ it.” The popular ’80s-’90s trend of Birkenstocks has re-emerged this summer bringing the double buckle sandal back to cutoff shorts and slouchy dresses. The typical taupe color or other solid colors are great, but what about the patterns? Patterns and glitter have started decorating these Birks as local boutiques are giving more bling for your buck.

Granted, these Birks are not graced with the “Birkenstock” brand name or price, $99 and up, but they do have a $20-$30 value with styles that will pop with any pair of long legs and shorts. These cute floral sandals can be paired up with your favorite little black summer dress or pair of shorts and T-shirt. They surely stand out among the typical solid sandals.

Snazzies Boutique

Snazzies Boutique

Yes, these are comfortable, but beware the typical issue with this style. Falling out of your shoe and into the raised back can bring you a “foot-full” of pain just like those taupe, closed-toe Birkenstock slides. The first strap worn closest to the ankle is a little too tight, but minor adjustment can find that right bit of looseness without causing you to fall out of the shoe. Also keep in mind, breaking them in may be slightly uncomfortable on the inside of the heel as it can rub some.

Birks are perfect for hanging out on the lake in some track shorts, swimsuit and baggy T-shirt or blue jean shorts and tank top walking downtown shopping.

Booties meet sandals

• With a peep toe and cutout near the heel, “booties meet sandals” have really taken over boutiques. Thin, stiletto heels won’t be found among these chunks as they provide a more casual, yet fashion forward look to the summer. Several of these bootie sandals can be found in varying shades, but primarily in browns or black.

Lace-ups are pretty common among the bootie sandals, but you might need to prepare yourself for some minor foot sweat with 90- to 100-degree temperatures and faux leather hugging to your skin. Don’t tighten up the laces too tight or your feet might be a little branded with zigzags. With the cuff above the ankle slightly, rubbing shouldn’t cause blisters like booties that sit below the ankle.

Wear these strappy booties with some cuffed skinny jeans or blue jean shorts. They can be perfectly paired with a faux suede red/burgundy dress or a slouchy dress with flannel shirt wrapped around the waist.


• For some, adding height over 3 inches is pretty scary. Can I walk in these comfortably without looking like a newborn deer? Will the height be too much with what I’m wearing

Faith and Flair Boutique

Faith and Flair Boutique

or where I’m going? Will I be walking over any cracks that my heel could get caught in

and I fall to my impending embarrassment? These wedges have all the answers. No. No. And, don’t worry about cracks.

Though these bad boys are right at 5 inches in height, walking is not a struggle. There are no worries about falling out of these wedges, as they encase your foot completely and zip up in the back to help it form comfortably to your foot. A peep toe and side cutouts covered with fringe allow your foot to breath. The extra studs add a bit of bling without making them gaudy.

Watch out for that fringe though when putting them on. You might have a few strands try to go inside the side cutout or over the top while putting them on. Overall these wedges are truly a joy to put on your feet. Not only are they comfortable and cute, but walking is a breeze. Pair these with skinny jeans and a vest or kimono, or a simple solid dress.

Story and photography by Colbie McCloud

Colbie McCloud

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