Wood Wick On The Row

For the Home / October 15, 2016

Wood Wick On The Row is a new retail shop located on Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs National Park that sells wood wick candles, wax bars and burners, and room sprays. Each product is made from all natural, dye- and petroleum-free soy wax, making them migraine and asthma friendly due to the lack of added chemicals.

Owner Shelley Dewhurst said she began her business four years ago after her mother passed away and she was looking to raise money for a three-day Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure walk. She started thinking about the things her mother liked, and she loved candles.

“From there we just started researching candles and, through her illness, we found out a lot about chemicals and things that you’re exposed to and that’s why I chose to go with all natural soy; it doesn’t contain any petroleum products,” Dewhurst said.

“We also chose not to put any dyes in our candles as well, and I went with the wood wick because even some cloth wicks can contain lead. The candle wicks WOOD WICK ON THE ROWare untreated with any chemicals so they’re very natural, and it’s a low soot output candle. We use very high quality fragrance oils and, for our aroma therapy candles, we use essential oils.”

Wood Wick On The Row has only been open for eight weeks, but Dewhurst and her team have been in the candle-making business for about four years and just recently moved here from Shreveport, La.

Dewhurst said the business began like most businesses do these days — on Facebook and through word-of-mouth.

“It just kind of evolved from there — a lot of trial and error,” she said. “We first started out using wine bottles. We would take wine bottles and cut them down and we would recycle wine bottles, but that just got so tedious. It was a lot of wine — it was a tough job but somebody had to do it.”

She added that they have changed the packaging several times and finally found and stuck with the tins and blue cobalt that they’re using now. “It gives it a more vintage look that we’re going for,” she said.

In addition to the candles, waxes and wax burners and room sprays, Dewhurst said the store will soon expand to floral design, home décor and bike rentals.

“We just got approved from the city to have bike rentals here. There aren’t any
businesses that do bike rentals so we got approved from the city and I’m going to pick up my permit today,” she said. “We’ll be expanding and we’ll want to be a more bike-friendly business and help promote the city, and they’re trying to WOOD WICK ON THE ROWgo greener. My product is a greener product and so it’s something that’s very dear to us. It’s going to be fun.”

A former paramedic for Saline Memorial, Dewhurst is no stranger to Hot Springs. “My husband had gotten transferred to Louisiana and that’s how we ended up back there. I’m from Louisiana but my parents lived here in Little Rock, and then as we were expanding, my husband worked in the oil field and so he was always gone and I was like, ‘OK, I know where I want to put my store.’ My dad lives in Little Rock and it put us closer to him. And we just love it here. I love Hot Springs,” Dewhurst said.

Some of the most popular candle and wax scents at Wood Wick On The Row are Monkey Farts and Butt Naked, and Dewhurst said if they have a scent in a candle, they have it in a wax bar, too. And, because they make all of their products in-store, they can also do private orders, gift baskets and custom creations and scents.

“We also try and feature an artist every month just to kind of get their work out there and get them some exposure, and so we really enjoy it,” she said. “We really like working with the community and even different individual people.”

Call the store at 501-762-8471 for more information.

Story by Lindsey Wells | Photography by Mara Kuhn

Lindsey Wells

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